About Angela

Angela Herzog

I welcome you;

No matter where you are on your healing journey, you are taking a step  by exploring this site; take your time and notice how you respond to what you read.

My vision is to create a practice that supports individuals’ healing processes so they can reach their full potential.  This vision has led me down a personal and professional path of exploring the innate wisdom of the body and the power of self expression.

Dance changed my life.

Discovering the power of self expression through dance was a turning point in my healing journey.  Through the years, Dance’s continual invitation to self expression allowed my body to slowly step out of its shell of disempowerment; and into its natural vitality.

I am passionate to help other’s find their own vehicle to self expression so they, too, can step into natural vitality. 

In addition to receiving my Masters of  Arts in Counselling and Spirituality through the University of Ottawa, I am completing the comprehensive Somatic Experiencing training, that guides my practice within other trained modalities, like Focusing and Expressive Arts Therapy.

I have been honoured to come in contact with the resiliency of humanity through my various positions within the Social Service Sector over the last 12 years before launching private practice.  These positions supported various populations within many agencies, including young mothers, survivors of abuse, homeless youth and adults suffering with severe mental illness.

Specific trainings include:

Somatic Experiencing, Advanced year 2015
Complex Trauma, 2013
B-Safer Assessment Training 2014
Focusing Oriented Therapy, 2014

Inner Relationship Focussing Level One, 2012
Wholebody Focussing Level One, 2012
Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training, 2011
Intro to Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Mohawk College, 2008
Addiction Studies, Toronto Advanced Professional Education, 2008

Course Highlights:  Concurrent Disorders, Motivation and Change

I have thoroughly enjoyed supporting each individual through their unique life’s challenges and am honoured to continue my practice in a way that is authentic to my own life’s journey of embodied healing.

Check in and see how this information settles in you.  Notice if there is any curiosity or questions that come to you.

It is an honour to have the opportunity to support your journey and I am willing to answer questions and discuss how you can move forward towards your embodied healing.

Many Blessings,

Angela Herzog MA, RP, CCC