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Embodied Healing offers a safe and compassionate therapeutic experience that facilitates the body-mind connection through 3 key elements. These elements invite you to be present and engaged with your body in a non-threatening way.


When you let yourself create, you open yourself up to your creativity and self expression.


Change cannot happen without experiencing shifts within your body.


Movement offers a playful release of tension and ignites vitality.

All of these interventions will help build safety in the body so the body can open up to relaxation, fluidity, and happiness.

Embodied Healing











What to expect:

  • Personalized treatment plan to find right balance between talk and body therapy
  • Grounding and relaxation exercises
  • Less emphasis on the intellectual story
  • Invitations to track body sensations
  • Emphasis on staying present to positive sensation
  • A safe and gentle pace to avoid overwhelm
  • Curiosity about movement
  • Creative expressions through drawing, writing, movement, etc