3rd Annual

Nature-A-Day Free Challenge

Get Outside for 30 minutes a day for 30 days this June 2018

Join Angela Herzog MA, RP, CCC as she guides the Challenge Community in tuning into Natural Rhythms

Support your body to de-stress and rest (1)

Join the Movement in Re-Defining Slow

Our bodies are designed to tune into our changing environments and match the rhythms.

Using technology regularly, like cell phone, computer & television, causes your body to speed up dramatically to keep up with these “un”natural rhythms.

Orienting to machine-like rhythms, we start to experience even a two second delay as unacceptable.  Ever feel that way?

Our exposure to technology places high demands on our body’s natural rhythms, altering us in unsustainable ways.

Outward Exploration Supports Internal Restoration


We treat our bodies like machines, expecting instant change, little rest and certainly no illness.

We may take daily vitamins and eat well, an “apple-a-day” to feed the machine, but we need more.

Join us to see how “nature-a-day” may start shifting your relationship with your body, and nature, as you tune into the natural rhythms your body was designed to support.


Experience Aliveness (1)

“Getting out and challenging myself in nature, and, sharing my experiences with others in the group, gave me purpose, connection and community.”

~2016 Challenge Participant

The Challenge:  It’s Simple and FREE

  • Set aside 30 minutes a day to be outside
  • Find a place to sit or walk mindfully
  • Be curious and playful as you unplug and tune in
  • Explore the environment via your 5 senses
  • Share your experience through our private Facebook group
  • Track the shifts in your body over the 30 days

 Join the Movement and get Free Support

  • Education about stress and the nervous system
  • Guided exercises to tune into nature and your unique natural rhythms
  • Private Facebook group 
    • Join a community of people passionate about experiencing Nature-A-Day
    • Supportive environment to share delights and struggles over the 30 days
    • Share stories, photos and discoveries
    • Access to Guided Exercises through the group
  • Access to Angela for support and motivation via Facebook


Meet Angela Herzog MA, RP, CCC

“Angela has a calmness and gentleness that makes me, (and I’m sure others), feel safe.  Her facilitation skills were both professional and “real” and it never felt rehearsed or disconnected.  Her teachings were honest, true, heartfelt and accessible.

Angela’s compassion set at tone of non-judgement toward self and others at the beginning and throughout the challenge.

~2016 challenger participants

Angela’s playful and gentle spirit informs her work as a Body-Oriented Psychotherapist. Angela offers a safe and compassionate therapeutic experience that facilitates the body-mind connection through 3 key elements: create, experience, move. These elements0031LOWRES invite you to be present and engaged with your body in a non-threatening way. 

Angela integrates her comprehensive training in Somatic Experiencing with her 10 years of experience and trainings in the Social Service field.  Somatic Experiencing is a naturalistic therapy for resolving symptoms stemming from emotional and physical stress and trauma.  Angela holds the belief that human beings have the innate capacity to return to natural rhythm and heal trauma.


I learned to appreciate the natural elements of our world that was a blur to me in the past.  I learned that I would always have blinders on while walking outside, focusing only on the cement sidewalk in front of me and keeping my mind occupied with toxic/stressful thoughts. I have grown a new appreciation for nature and now see it as a support system for me that I can turn to when I need peace, relaxation, de-escalation and rest.

      ~ 2016 Challenge Participant

A special note from Angela:

The Nature-a-day challenge was birthed from my desire to remind my body what slow felt like.  From this desire, the challenge grew into a beautiful experience of community and connection that I am truly grateful for.  As I embark on offering the 2nd annual challenge, I am reflecting on the lasting effects of the first experience.  Last year, my main focus was on how nature can support the body.  As I connected to my body in a new way, I was blessed to experience a deepening relationship with nature herself.  Natural elements are also living beings that yearn for connection.  

Last time, I think I approached this challenge from consumer standpoint of what can nature do for us, however, as I unplugged and tuned in, the question expanded to, what can I do for the living beings of nature?

So, in this 2nd annual challenge, I am going to offer an opportunity to explore this reciprocal relationship as our beings connect to other living beings.  May the dance begin.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I cannot do 30 minutes a day?

It is important to make this challenge your own.  30 minutes a day is simply a suggestion.  It is important to honour your lifestyle and your capacity to be present outdoors. Find a length of that is right for you, and perhaps even play with that number as the month progresses. 

What if I miss a day?

No problem at all.  This challenge is to build a supportive relationship with your body as you tune into nature.  So, without judgement, we allow space to explore days where it is hard to get outside, and see if the next day allows it.  The Facebook group will be a supportive place to share struggles and delights.  There will be a community to support you. 

What if it is raining?

Be creative.  How can you tune into the natural rhythms in the rain?  Can you sit under a porch, put on a raincoat, use an umbrella, or, can you simply sit by a window?

What if I have no nature outlets close by?

The invitation is to be outside, whether this be in a backyard, street, forest, alley, field, garden, etc.  You are welcome to chose one spot or try out various spots throughout the month.  

What do I do once I am outside?

This challenge is not about exercise, but, about using our 5 senses to tune into the nature around you.  You are welcome to sit or mindfully walk as you explore the area through your senses.  Angela will be offering some exercises to help support this outward exploration.  As you orient, you may also start being curious about shifts that start happening in your body and may want to start tracking this.  Perhaps, the breath deepens, the shoulders drop, legs become heavy.  Angela will also offer some support on this inner exploration.  

Can my kids join?

Ofcourse, all ages are welcome to take a dose of Nature-A-Day

Will this challenge happen again?

My intention is to make this an annual event