Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing is a psychobiological therapy for resolving symptoms stemming from emotional and physical trauma. Based on Peter Levine’s work in psychology and neuroscience, this approach sees trauma, not as a disease, but an injury caused by the biological defenses of fight/flight/freeze being stuck in the body.

This residue results in a dysregulated nervous system that creates a fixed pattern of fight/flight/freeze cycles in one’s daily life – stealing the capacity for flexibility, safety and relaxation in the present moment.

Somatic Experiencing holds the belief that human beings have the innate capacity to return to a self-regulating nervous system and heal trauma.

With the clinical tools to help you step aside from the cognitive story and into the body’s physiology, SE provides a safe space to release stuck responses and increase the capacity to self-regulate. In turn, the nervous system can slowly return to its natural rhythm of activation and deactivation; instead of being stuck in fight/flight/freeze.

You do not have to devote your energy to managing anxiety, but to engaging life’s passions and relationships.